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Designer Newsletters

Designer News. Designer News defines itself as a ‘news portal providing an easy-to-follow, group-based forum for the designer community with an open membership to share ideas and news’. It is a free-of-charge social networking site where designers can network, discuss current trends and participate in marketing and sales campaigns, helping each other develop. As of this writing, Designer News has over 12 million users.

The aim of Designer News? To inform designers about the latest developments and technologies in graphic design. It offers you, the designer, a chance to expand your knowledge by offering current design work-in progress. This free web based newsletter, is also a great place for other designers to post their latest CV/resume, and for other professionals to exchange ideas and best practices. In other words, it is a great tool for graphic designers to make themselves more visible to the rest of the world!

What does Designer News deliver? Each issue of the newsletter is written by a different designer. So every week, a different designer’s take on the current design situation is published. You’ll be able to take in each designer’s insights, advice and constructive criticism. And, the designers themselves are continuously making sure that the content of the newsletter is relevant, useful, timely and up-to-date.

Now, how can you get hold of Designer News? Well, there are many ways, but one of the most convenient ways is to subscribe through RSS feeds. An RSS feed can be added to your website or blog and will allow you to receive updates of new articles directly to your inbox. So instead of looking through dozens of different websites for new designer-related articles, you’ll only have to check one website! Designer News will not replace your designer intuition, but it will make certain things easier. It will also keep you informed about the designer trends going on in the world of design and what is happening in your industry.

If you’re a newbie designer in search of knowledge and resources, this newsletter will serve you well. You’ll learn the latest trends in design as they happen, and you’ll also get to read from some of the most respected names in the industry, such as Christopher Alexander, Calvin Klein, Korsquick, Michael Korsburn and others. If you’re a seasoned designer who still wants to be in touch with the latest developments in your industry, you’ll find valuable information in these newsletters. Who knows? Perhaps you’ll even find a new career or a whole new market for yourself! The beauty of subscribing to a newsletter is that you can sign up for as many as you like; and if you want to feel like a real part of something big, there is no limit to how many you can subscribe to.

In summary, if you want to keep up with the designer trends and what’s happening in the fashion and design world, designer news is the best thing you can have at your fingertips. It will provide you with insightful and interesting facts, as well as keeping you abreast of the newest designer trends. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even find an amazing new job! Keeping up with the designer world is important, so subscribe today to designer news.