Government News – The Facts About Digital Cashless Payment

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Government News – The Facts About Digital Cashless Payment

Government of India is definitely going to announce a new scheme named as Digital Cashless Online Payment (DCOP). This scheme will help the common people to make use of the latest techniques and tools for safe and secure online payments. The government has already announced several measures for digital money that will help the common citizens to enjoy secured transactions online. Digital Cashless Online Payment is the latest addition in this arena and it has made transactions very fast and simple. A typical user pays for the goods/services using his credit card or debit card.

Another unique feature of this scheme is that the users will be able to pay bills using both the debit and credit cards. Thus, if you are a regular user of Credit cards then you must be aware of all the terms and conditions imposed by the card issuing authorities. You will have to learn about the new Digital Cashless Payment scheme before you pay for any service with your credit card.

Many doubts are raised about this scheme. Some people say that it is against the rule of law or it is a mis-selling. However, the government has clarified all these doubts once again. According to the goverment news, the sale of debit and credit cards has been restricted to a certain limit in this scheme. Thus, there would be no hassle for you if you want to buy something online. Further, the rules and regulations of Digital Cashless Payment will not be abused by any person.

However, many people might not be aware of the fact that you can take the services of a professional in this field for further understanding. You should not hesitate to contact one of them for further clarification. In goverment news, there is a detailed article about the charges for this scheme. You will also get an idea about the types of payments that you can make with the help of this scheme. There are many banks who are offering different types of payment options through this scheme.

The main aim of this scheme is to reduce the number of bogus and duplicate accounts that are present in the country. Therefore, the main beneficiaries of this program are the borrowers. If you have less liability and more assets, you can choose installment facility for your payment. According to the goverment news, the payment for installment option can be done in three installments every fortnight.

Today, many banks and financial institutions have started accepting the debit card as payment for the goods and services that you have bought online. Also, many hotels and restaurants, air travel companies, etc offer credit card payment for your online booking. Thus, in this era of internet and ecommerce, going for cashless payment is very practical. Hence, make use of the goverment news to know more about this topic.